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1. Shopping advice!

1.1. Start shopping!

If you're not yet a IDEA Internet Shop's user, register at the address

Select the button Register and fill out all the fields marked with an asterisk *.

All products are located on the main navigation bar. Select a product category. To add an item to your shopping cart, click on the button Add.

In order to finalize your purchase, all you need to do is to select the button Payment and confirm your purchase. You will receive detailed information about your order on the e-mail address you used for registration.

NOTE! After registration, the server sends an e-mail with a link to the e-mail address which the customer used to register. To start shopping, the customer must click on the link in the mail. If you didn't receive such a message, please check your "Spam" folder or check whether your mailbox is full.

1.2. Is there an option to save the shopping cart contents? - shopping lists

Your shopping cart may also be saved as a shopping list. After you have filled your shopping cart with desired items, click on the link View Shopping Cart Details. Click on the button "Save the Shopping Cart as a Shopping List" located at the bottom of the page.

You can save your shopping cart under any name you select and use it for future purchases. This feature is especially useful if the items in your orders are repeated, for example shopping for parents, party, monthly shopping, weekly shopping, etc.

1.3. What are favorites?

Favorites are a list of items to which you can add your favorite or most frequently purchased products.

1.4. How do I add items to the Favorites List?

You can add items to the Favorites List by clicking the star next to each item in the catalogue (yellow star with a green plus sign). The items on the list may be updated and you can always recognize them by the yellow star next to them.

The items on the list may be deleted by going to the Favorites List and clicking the star with a red minus sign.

1.5. Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you need to send an e-mail with the number of your order you wish to cancel to the e-mail address:, at the latest one day before the delivery.

1.6. Can I add or remove something from my order?

Yes, you need to send an e-mail with the number of your order to, at the latest one day before the delivery. Please list your order number, item and quantity.

1.7. Note for deliverers

When proceeding to Payment, you can write a note or instructions for deliverers as well as for personal shoppers who collect the items from your order. The field for entering the note can be found in the second step of Payment - View Order.